Department of Political Science Represented at the International Conference Development or Security: Which Comes First?

Thursday 07 September 2017
Department of Political Science Represented at the International Conference Development or Security: Which Comes First?

On September 5-6 the international conference “Development or Security: Which Comes First?” in Tallinn, Estonia brought together over 100 politicians, scholars, experts, military personnel, diplomats, and NGO representatives from all around the world. The head of the department asoc. prof. Iveta Reinholde and lecturer Sigita Struberga also took part in it.

This conference investigated the challenges and collaboration opportunities between the military interventions and development cooperation. The answers sought in panels are of utmost importance from the perspective of the people who are suffering in the crisis situations and are expecting practical assistance resulting from the collaboration of parties that represent different backgrounds – from NGO practitioners to military, academics and media. The concept of the conference was aligned with an international roundtable to discuss lessons learned from the development cooperation in Afghanistan. The roundtable was devoted to debate on success stories and failures under changing facts and the security situation on the ground in the country.

Participation in this conference and the international roundtable exemplifies the close cooperation of the department with the experts of the field – the NGO “Green Liberty”. Asoc. prof. Iveta Reinholde points out that joint projects and cooperation of academia and NGOs make studies more interdisciplinary and international, bringing a new dimension into the social sciences.

Inga Belousa, the national coordinator of the DEAR project “Media for Development” highlights the importance of cooperation between civil society organizations and experts from higher education as each of them have their own experience and resources that can enrich each other. She hopes that this conference can serve as a challenger to look broader on urgent global issues and as doors to rich resources that open up global development stories that can be implemented in the study process. Also, Inga shares a proposal to cooperate closer in organizing awareness raising activities about Agenda 2030 – Sustainable development goals. She invites to visit the project blog for other exciting initiatives: 

Find out more about the current cooperation and upcoming opportunities at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science. Point of contact: asoc. prof. Iveta Reinholde, e- mail:

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