International conference Riga Readings in Social Sciences 2019 is ready to start

Tuesday 12 November 2019
International conference Riga Readings in Social Sciences 2019 is ready to start

The 3rd Riga Readings in Social Sciences (RRSS) annual international conference that will be held on the 14th and 15th of November in University of Latvia social science department asks: “What is the EU for - 15 years after the great enlargement?

Keynote speakers include Aleksandar Fatic and Inta Mierina. Dr Fatic will look at The language game of Europe: identity, politics and the divided subjects. Dr Fatic is a prolific author and teacher with a long history of involvement in high-level training programs for anti-corruption policies and corruption theories, business ethics and criminology. He has worked in university settings, various governments, and inter-governmental organizations. His research interests include applied ethics, political philosophy, and criminal justice theory and policy.

Inta Mierina will reflect on Contributing to public goods and safeguarding collective resources: challenges in insights from East-Central Europe. Dr Mierina, is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences University of Latvia, and the director of the Centre for Diaspora and Migration Research. Recently she was the editor of the Human Development of Latvia "Creation of Public Good and Safeguarding Collective Resources". Dr Mierina has been involved in a number of large-scale European research projects and is acting as an expert of the European Commission. She has held several scholarships, including the Fulbright Scholarship and Laureate of the Little Phoenix Prize of the European Academy of Sciences Her main research interests concern migration, nationalism and far-right attitudes, inequality, participation, trust and community involvement.

The conference presenters, Ingrida Unikaite-Jakuntaviciene and Martins Pricins, will explore the European Parliament elections that were held earlier this year. They will be followed by a reflection on the idea of Europe in relation to national agenda by Renars Felcis amongst others.

On the second day of the conference listeners will have the opportunity to learn about internal and international migration in the context of contemporary mobility or about the historic and contemporary situation of diplomacy in the Baltic region. Later, Dr Zinaida Manzuch, amongst others, will contextualise library and information science education in the EU and look at the issues and challenges present in the Baltic states. As important will be the discussions of the trends, complexities, and challenges of the EU social policy. As well as the dilemmas that exist between social activity and public good.

RRSS programme

The conference organizers: Advanced Social and Political Research Institute (ASPRI) is the research institute of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Latvia. Since its creation in 2004, the task of ASPRI has been to coordinate interdisciplinary research projects involving the academic staff and graduate students of the four departments in the faculty, which are political science, sociology, communication studies, information and library sciences. Number of leading scholars, researchers and scientific assistants work in the institute. The Director of the ASPRI is Professor Aija Zobena.

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