Study Experience from Norway

Thursday 01 September 2016
Study Experience from Norway

Sociology student Kristīne Kalvāne has spent half a year, studying in Norway.

Sociology student Kristīne Kalvāne has spent half a year, studying in Norway:

"From now on Norway in my mind will be not only the most wonderful land of fjords but also one of the most important anchor points of my life.

The possibility of living for half a year in this beautiful country and to get a lot of valuable knowledge was a great adventure with both ups and downs. Perhaps the "downs" may have been the fact that sometimes I missed my home, family and friends, but the main thing was to be positive and fully enjoy this opportunity, which I tried to do with all my heart.

For six lovely months I lived in a small town called Halden together with other students from various European and World countries. Halden is located in the south of Norway, near the Swedish border. I often spent my free time by hiking through the beautiful forests, which were located next to the student accommodations and enjoyed the view from the city fortress, located in the center of Halden on the hilltop.

But do not think that everything that I did as an exchange student was going on hiking trips and doing walks to the city center. I had to study pretty hard. Classes took place in Østfold University College, which is located by 30-minute walk or five-minute drive by car from the Halden city center. The university is visually very elegant (as it is characteristic for Scandinavian architecture and design). The studies were organized similarly as in Latvia – there were lectures, which gave us theoretical knowledge about various subjects, and then the teachers gave us some tasks (writing papers, summaries etc.), which required the knowledge that we gained in our classes. At the end of the semester, we had an oral or written exam in every subject but there were also teachers, who posted the final assessment, according to the grades we got during the semester. The different ways of evaluating students made the whole examination process more interesting and diverse. Overall, the studies were very useful and during my semester in Østfold University College I was able to learn things, which will certainly be useful in my future studies.

I am extremely grateful to the University of Latvia and the EEA, and Norwegian Grant program for this wonderful opportunity, because not only I gained new knowledge but also made new friends, and got to know myself better than before by living in a new and unexplored country.

Studies in Norway were made possible by grant EEZ/NFI/S/2015/024 „Mobility in political science and sociology”.

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