Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia offers a new bachelor study programme “European Integration and Global Development”.

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The EEA Scholarships Programme – A Plus for Education

The conference “The EEA Scholarships Programme – A Plus for Education” was held in Bucharest (Romania), March 23-24, 2017. There are more 130 participants from Iceland, Latvia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia.

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FSS students have taken part in organizing BBC discussion

Three students from the Faculty of Social Sciences voluntary participated in organizing BBC discussion "Putin and Trump - A New Era?"

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Riga Summer School 2017 welcomes applications

Call for applications for participation in Riga Summer School 2017 is now open.

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Political Science PhD Students Intern at the Akershus University College in Oslo

As part of EEA grants and Norway grants project “Mobility in political science and Sociology” (EEZ/NFI/S/2015/024) PhD students - Aleksandra Kjakste, Ieva Daniela Beinaroviča un Sigita Struberga – were given an opportunity to spend three months at Akershus University College in Norway to intern and do independent research.

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Researchers from University of Latvia participate in the international workshop on gender equality

At the end of the past workweek, on July 15 this year researchers, Doctors of Communication Science Marita Zitmane and Laura Ardava from University of Latvia, Faculty of Social Sciences took part as experts in the international workshop “Bridging the Gender Gap: Gender Equality Index of Taiwan”.

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Study practice in Oslo and Akershus University College.

Thanks to the EEA and Norway Grants’ scholarship programme, the project "Mobility in political science and sociology" (EEA / NFI / S / 2015/024), Kristine Vibane was able to go for a study practice in Oslo and Akershus Univeristy College of Applied Sciences, Norway.

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Call for papers to Special Issue of Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration

Urban Governance in Europe: Preparing for Diversity, Social Sustainability and Migration

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