Center for the Cognitive Sciences and Semantics

The Center for the Cognitive Sciences and Semantics (CCSS) is an interdisciplinary research unit of the University of Latvia at Riga.

The CCSS is dedicated to the comprehensive study of mind and meaning from an inclusive, collegial, and multidisciplinary perspective. Thus scholarly contributions are sought from all relevant fields, including communication sciences, philosophy, anthropology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, neuroscience, and psychology, among others.

With the CCSS located at the center of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) in Riga, a primary emphasis is the development and application of these specialties within a Baltic context, while simultaneously coordinating, networking, and integrating the Center’s activities into the international framework of contemporary cognitive sciences. Therefore, a special emphasis of the CCSS is the study of semantics, the milieu of meaning in articulation, language, and thought. The Baltic region—and Latvia in particular—has an historic heritage of cultural, linguistic, and literary integrity which the CCSS investigates, elaborates and, in scholarly works, celebrates.

The CCSS not only seeks to unite the various cognitive disciplines and cultural dimensions into a viable scientific enterprise, but encourages both private and public sector participation with the aim of providing outstanding services to both the university and to the surrounding community.


The Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication


Jurģis Šķilters

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