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EEA and Norway grants

During 2016 department staff and PhD students has opportunity to participate in EEA and Norway grants Scholarship programme EEZ/NFI/S/2015/024 ”Mobility in political science and sociology”.

The overall goal of the Project was to increase the teaching and research capacity in institutions of higher education in Latvia and Norway. This project was tailored to increase the quality and the volume of student and teaching staff mobility between the partner institutions in the thematic area of political science, public administration and sociology.

Project No:

VIAA identification Nr. EEZ/NFI/S/2015/024
University of Latvia Reg. Nr. NORV2015/36

Leading partner: University of Latvia (LU)

Partners: Oslo and Akerhus University College of Applied Sciences (HIOA), Ostfold University College (HIOF)

Implementation period: 01.08.2015. - 30.04.2017.

Project leader: Iveta Reinholde, assoc. professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences

It was expected, that staff and student mobility will result in long term impact on both sides like development of joint study courses; curriculum development for joint study programme and life-long learning modules as well as joint research activities.

To strengthen and to expand synergy and cooperation among Latvia and Norway, the mobility programme covered such an issues like Baltic Sea Area, Arctic Region, public administration, policy analysis, human security, social welfare programmes, urban-rural relations, regional development.

During the project, results were achieved:

  • Mobility of students and staff between partner universities were conducted. In total, 32 professors and 8 students were involved in mobility.
  • The international symposium “Urban governance in Europe: Preparing for diversity, social sustainability and migration”, was held in Oslo, September 28-30, 2016 with participation of teachers from the partner universities. The symposium provided wide academic debate on various topics covered during mobility visits.
  • As a result of the symposium, the call for papers to Special Issue of “Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration” was announced for participants of the symposium and wider public. The guest editors represents partner universities of the project: Åge Johnsen/Monica Kjørstad (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences), Iveta Reinholde (University of Latvia, Riga), and Margarita Barañano (Complutense University of Madrid). It is expected that special issue will be published by December 2017 since by May 2017 all submitted papers were reviewed by blind review.
  • During the project there were several workshops and seminars intended to spread knowledge accumulated during mobility. There were workshops on game theory for young professionals and on EU Global strategy. The workshop for secondary schools in Latvia – “Novadu spēles” was organized in order to spread the results of mobility to Latvian schools in the interactive and creative way.
  • The valuable research design seminar and individual consultations for PhD students of University of Latvia were delivered by professors from Oslo and Akerhus University College.
  • The teacher involved in the mobility were active in developing the brand new study BA programme “European integration and global development” to be offered already in autumn 2017. The study programme included the new courses designed during and after mobility.

The project created basis of knowledge and experience in order to establish a stable international basis for programmes of excellence that are envisaged for especially well-prepared and motivated applicants and students.  It is vital to note that research collaboration within the framework of this Project provided younger researchers with an excellent opportunity to work side by side with more experienced colleagues from the two countries, which will further contribute to the transfer of knowledge.


The programme seeks to explore the critical elements of international migration and the incorporation of immigrants in the society of destination.

The general aim of the Master programme in International Migration and Social Cohesion was to educate students and create international dialogue among students, professionals and policy makers who will understand advanced issues of contemporary international migration  and who will be able to translate perceived societal problems into relevant social scientific research questions in order to contribute to the solution of such problems. More specifically, the programme seeks to explore the critical elements of international migration and the incorporation of immigrants in the society of destination.

MISOCO offered studies in three Universities during the Master course, interdisciplinary training, and direct cooperation with organizations and networks working in the field. This Master has five cohorts of students from 2010 until 2016.

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