Short courses and summer school


3 month course

Studies in Riga about politics in the European Union. Provides knowledge for new skills in public administration, as well as international and compara­tive politics.

“Foreign Affairs”

Enhance Your knowledge about European Union activities, its operating framework, the Europeanization process and the fundamental values in democratic society.

“Domestic Affairs”

Latvian political experience as a European Union member state – political regime transformation, institutional functioning, as well as the public administration reform process since independence.


2 weeks course

Course of the filmmaking

Riga Summer School is all about learning new skills and developing creative talents in the area of documentary. It includes:

  • Lectures and workshops
  • Field work and filmmaking
  • Social and cultural program

“We do not let anyone graduate without producing a short video about some aspect of Riga identity, so everyone goes home with one new short film for their portfolio as well, and some, who are lucky, even get some recognition from experts and some awards as well” , say the organizers.

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