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Social sciences from bachelor to doctor

ULFSS offers bachelor degree, master degree, professional and doctoral studies.

The Department of Information and Library Studies: “Prospects for the Future”

As the importance of information centres and information service providers increases, we increasingly understand the extent to which the professionalism of concrete specialists determines whether the information that is provided to consumers is of a sufficiently high level of quality and precision.  Information is our present and our future, so the prospects for this department are constantly expanding.
The role of instructors in the department is to teach students how to process information correctly and precisely so as to make all types of information extraction easier and quicker.

The Department of Communications Studies: “The Most Demand”

The Department of Communications Studies is the most popular department not just in the faculty, but also in the whole university.  It offers Latvia’s most diverse studies in the theory and practice of communications.  Students gain a theoretical understanding of communications processes, develop comprehension of the intellectual lives of people in contemporary society, and gain practice in journalism, public relations and advertising.  Students learn to analyse and critique communications practices.
The department offers studies in:

1) Journalism

2) Multimedia

3) PR

4) Advertising

The Department of Political Science:  “Theory and Practice Together”

The advantage of this department is that it merges theoretical and practical studies.  Students believe that this allows them to put their knowledge to use in individual and group research.
A degree in political science ensures a successful and competitive career in Latvia’s political, social and business sectors.  Potential employers are well familiar with graduates – state and local government institutions, public organisations, political parties, funds, and – particularly in recent times – international institutions, including those of the European Union.

The Department of Sociology:  “Always Timely”

Our everyday lives cannot be imagined without the study and evaluation of situations and human attitudes.  Sociology students learn professional and practical skills that are needed for sociological research.  The Department of Sociology is a good place to prepare for a career in the publicand private sector

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