Thursday 13 April 2017

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia offers a new bachelor study programme “European Integration and Global Development”.

The aim of the European Integration and Global Development programme is to prepare professionals for careers related to the development processes and politics in Europe and the world.

Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to assist in the promotion of mutual relations and cooperation between Europe and developing countries.

By focusing on the interdisciplinary study of sociology, political science and communication, students will come to understand development as a global phenomenon, understand and analyze its processes.

The Baltic experience will be utilized in order to illustrate the transformation from Soviet-style command economy and one-party authoritarianism towards a viable market economy, effective governmental structures and successful participation in European integration.


Knowledge and skills


You will learn the main methods of research and how to use them to understand different societies. You will find out the meaning of such phenomenons as migration, inequality of regions, global warming etc.


You will learn about multiple ways of governing the society and to understand how they coexist with the universal values as peace, freedom and human rights. Your strong side will be the knowledge about the structure, managing and politics of European Union.


You will be able to evaluate the communication processes in Europe, understand the informational space and the development of the new media. You will be able to impact the communication and understanding in Europe and world.


You will know the development as the global phenomena that unites the West and developing countries, understand the basics of development policies and take part in carrying them out in the world.


Your professional language skills will improve already during the first semester!

Signs that EIGD is the programme for you

  • You know English good enough to use it for studies
  • You don’t mind having the career abroad
  • You are good at being mediator and advisor during conflicts or negotiations
  • You like to learn from the mistakes of others so you can make the right decisions for yourself
  • You can find a common language with different people
  • You like the fusion of genres, styles and knowledges
  • You like to be among the first ones who watch the movie, test the invention or graduate innovative study programme
  • You believe in cooperation and good ideas
  • You believe that people can become happier in the future



The roots of European civilization reaches to Ancient Greece and Rome, that created the basis for politics, science and rights as we know them today. For ages European superpowers were dominating the world, creating large colonial systems.


The relationship between Europe and the world outside it has changed in the very basics. Few of the former colonies now stand by their ex-metropolises, others are not doing so well. European Union is one of the largest economies and the biggest donor for the todays world, giving more than 50% of resources that are allocated for development politics.


Europe can be the example for the modern world. It has shown the ability to develop regional cooperation by uniting different countries and creating common currency. Europe will go on improving the relationship inside EU as well as with closer and further neighbours, thus contributing and promoting democracy, human rights, justice and socially responsible state in modern world.

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