First Impressions - Studies in Norway

Thursday 04 February 2016
First Impressions - Studies in Norway

Ostfold University College- a small Castle of Light in the Ostfold- provides a unique opportunity to get known not only Scandinavian culture, but also French, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish and a lot of other cultures in one place, discussing and analyzing political, economic and social situation among exchange students.

Studies in an international environment definitely broaden every student`s horizons, teach to accept diversity as well as strengthen an ability to integrate into the new place.  It is a challenge which provides a memorable experience and develops a personality.

Professors of Ostfold Univeristy College are kind, helpful and welcoming, a process of studies is based on disciplined self-study, providing convenient and open study process. Foreign students are introduced with the process of studies- the introductory lectures, informative evenings, excursions are organized to help to integrate into the new place effectively and fast. One of the most important advantages of the university is flexibility and openness to each exchange student. I am satisfied with my choice and thankful for the opportunity to enjoy life and studies in Norway.  

Studies in Norway are made possible through Norway Grant programme within European Economical Area (EEA). The EEA Grants and Norway Grants represent the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway to reducing economic and social disparities and to strengthening bilateral relations with 16 EU countries in Central and Southern Europe and the Baltics.  

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