Professor Žaneta Ozoliņa visits Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Monday 16 April 2018
Professor Žaneta Ozoliņa visits Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Professor of the Department of Political Science Zaneta Ozolina visited the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on April, 2018. During her visit, she had a meeting with Mr Huang Ping, the head of the Institute of European Studies and Mr Liu Zuokui, the director of the department of Central and Eastern European Studies.

Professor Zaneta Ozolina introduced a new book “Europe. After 100. Before” to Mr Huang and Mr Liu. She gives her own judgment on the development of the future of Europe from a Latvian perspective in the book. Besides, they have also exchanged their views on topics as multi-speed Europe, Latvia in the European Union and the EU’s attitude and policies to the new member states.

Mr Huang and Mr Liu demonstrated their high interest on the aforementioned topics and expressed their support for the promotion of the new book. They expressed their wish to include the book launch in the activities of the ‘16+1’ Think-Tank after the negotiation. Moreover, Prof. Ozolina will deliver a speech in the annual activity of the ‘16+1’ Think-tank, in order to expand the reach of the think-tank among international scholars.

Plenty achievements have been made though the visit was short. The two parties have not only developed into a deeper academic discussion, but also made plans to cooperate on the activities of the ‘16+1’ Think-Tank, as the cornerstone to enhance the influence of the think-tank in Latvia.

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