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Bachelor study programme

“European Integration and Global Development”

The aim of the European Integration and Global Development programme is to prepare professionals for careers related to the development processes in Europe and abroad.

Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to analyze development processes and the European experience and assist in the promotion of mutual relations and cooperation between Europe and developing countries.

Students will acquire the knowledge and skills needed to understand European integration and, by focusing on the interdisciplinary study of sociology, political science and communication will come to understand development as a global phenomenon.

The Baltic experience will be utilized in order to illustrate the transformation towards a viable market economy, effective governmental structures and successful participation in European integration. 

It is the intention of the programme, upon completion, to instill in the students the following:

  • Competence in the major contemporary quantitative and qualitative research methods.
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of the major theories, concepts and themes of political science, sociology and communication science.
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of  European integration and global development issues.
  • Competence in the most recent information technologies, data processing and presentation techniques.
  • Systematic and practical understanding of project and human resources management as a process and a set of methods for the resolution of public governance problems
  • Practical experience in implementing  of acquired  competences within  framework of internship in Latvian, European and global institutions

Contact information

University of Latvia International Relation Department 
19 Raina Blvd., Riga
LV 1586, Latvia
Phone: 371 67034334
Fax: 371 67243091

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