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This website is designed in the framework of EEA and Norway grants Scholarship programme EEZ/NFI/S/2015/024 ”Mobility in political science and sociology”

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International conference Riga Readings in Social Sciences – November 22-23, 2018

The second international conference Riga Readings in Social Sciences (RRSS) organized by the Advanced Social and Political Research Institute (ASPRI), Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia will take place in Riga on November 22-23. The main theme of the 2nd RRSS conference is "Baltic Sea Region: One Hundred Years On". The conference this year will host more than hundred participants from 16 countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Russia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan). Working language: English.

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Youth as the agents of change for media literacy during the era of algorithms

On October 26, the Youth Forum “Media Literacy in the Era of Algorithms: Youth Voices” concluded at the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of University of Latvia by highlighting the role of young people as agents of change through improving the media and information literacy skills of each and every member of civil society. The event was held as part of the UNESCO-initiated Global Media and Information Literacy Week, and brought together around 250 participants from more than 20 countries.

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Department of Political Science Takes a Part in the International Symposium in China

Representatives of the Department of Political Science took a part in the “International Symposium on “Belt and Road Initiative” for Think Tank Network for “16+3””, which was held in 15-17 October, in Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China. The event has become a foundation for a search of new cooperation opportunities between academic staff within the international initiatives offered by the People’s Republic of China.

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Students Invited to Take Part in The International Symposium “Latvia- China relations: New Pace, New Opportunities”

Students are invited to take a part in a competition of presentations related to the Latvia- China relations as well as such issues as current problematics of Latvia and China internal and external politics. The final of the competition will be held on 22th November. Authors of the best presentations will be rewarded. The winner will have an opportunity to give a speech during the symposium in 23th November

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The students of Tartu University visit the Department of Political Science

On September 27, the students of the Master's program of the "EU-Russia Studies", the University of Tartu under the supervision of prof. Stefano Brahiroli visited the Department of Political Science.

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Riga Summer School Concludes with Presentations of Student Social Media Clips

The eighth edition of Riga Summer School 2018, a University of Latvia Faculty of Social Sciences practical program for international students, concludes today with premieres of social media videos about their experiences in Riga during Latvia’s centennial year.

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Riga Summer School Participants to Produce Social Media Posts on Latvia’s Centennial

The focus of Riga Summer School 2018, a University of Latvia Faculty of Social Sciences practical program for international students, will be content production for digital channels and social media.

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The Summer School on European Studies for Chinese student’s has been realised in Department of Political Science

At the end of July Department of Political Science welcomed 40 students from China for the Summer School on European Studies

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What others are
saying about us

The Baltic culture is fascinating to me: Riga, with his different styles; from Art Noveau, over soviet to modern style offers the city a lot of historical moments and different faces. Also I wanted to discover the whole region: The nature offers great pictures for the human eye.
MARCEL SCHULZ, exchange student, University of Greifswald in Germany
The Faculty of Social Sciences provides interesting seminars with small groups and high quality.
MARCEL SCHULZ, exchange student, University of Greifswald in Germany
I found professors at the UL to be welcoming and supportive in both schoolwork and adjusting to living in a different culture. Some of the perspectives on migration discussed by my fellow students were very different than my own and I was forced to engage in challenging discussions and reflect on my own beliefs and understandings.
BERIT ENGSTROM (USA), Erasmus Mundus MISOCO student
I wanted to learn a language, which is smaller – to know a language that is out of the ordinary makes a person interesting at the job market. Everybody speaks English, but who speaks Latvian?
MARCEL SCHULZ Exchange student, University of Greifswald in Germany
I enjoyed the MISOCO programme a lot – mainly because I had a chance to see different teaching and studying approaches and I could get information about wider range of resources... Staying in Riga was very interesting and I consider myself lucky that I went there ..it offers different point of view than you can get in Western Europe.
LENKA PAVELKOVA (CZ), Erasmus Mundus MISOCO student
Riga is a beautiful city, and I never got tired off walking and biking around everywhere! I could have chosen to spend a semester in Germany, Ireland or Latvia, and I'm grateful that I chose Latvia for the culture, people, and my academic experience.
BERIT ENGSTROM (USA), Erasmus Mundus MISOCO student

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